Innovation Day på Campus Gotland

How can we create sustainable cruise tourism in Visby? Tell us by joining Innovation Day 5 December!

For the entire day, we will work in groups with one of the major challenges facing society: sustainability. The purpose of the day is to find new ideas for how to create sustainability regarding a question that is of great significance to Gotland: destination development and cruise tourism. The question that you as a student will be asked during the day is: How can we create sustainable cruise tourism in Visby?

Take part in Innovation Day and you will gain all of this:

1. Insight into complex societal challenges and how you with your educational background may contribute to meeting them
2. Practice of interdisciplinary work and of how you may use heterogeneity in a constructive way
3. Understanding of sustainability as  a systematic relation between ecologic, economic and social dimension, and how you may implement sustainability perspectives in practice
4. Understanding of the local community of Gotland, with it's possibilities and challenges
5. Practice of the method Design Thinking, which is used in all businesses in your future worklife
6. Networking both with possible, engaged work-places and like-minded students, for continued collaboration
7. Coffee, lunch.

Apply o later than November 30!

Read more about Innovation Day 2018 and how to apply!