Sustainability Talks studentfrukost ‘Towards renewable energy'

  • Datum: –09.30
  • Plats: Campus Gotland E22
  • Föreläsare: Karin Edberg, Nermina Saracevic
  • Webbsida
  • Arrangör: Campus Gotland
  • Kontaktperson: Jenny Helin
  • Telefon: 0498-108398
  • Seminarium

Karin Edberg har en doktorsexamen i sociologi vid Södertörns högskola med inriktning mot vår tids energiutmaningar. Nermina Saracevic är före detta masterstudent vid Campus Gotland med fokus på vindkraft samt vinnare av Global Swede 2018.

Under det här frukostseminariet berättar de om sina arbeten och vägen mot hållbar energi.

Gotland has set its goal of having climate-neutral energy supply by 2025. The municipality has already cut its dependency from fossil-fuels by 60% since 1995 and wind power has become our main energy source here on Gotland. Research and innovations within renewable energy are significant drivers for this change.

During his seminar, Karin Edberg and Nermina Saracevic will discuss their individual paths to renewable energy and their current work within the sector.

Nermina was awarded the Global Swede diploma 2018 and will share the value of this achievement with us and her personal interest in innovations in wind industry such as floating wind technology.

Karin is a sociologist with an extra interest in issues of energy and environment and senior lecturer at Department of Earth Sciences, Vindenergi at Uppsala University. In her PhD thesis, she studied framings of energy infrastructural siting, focusing on wind power and natural gas, and its relation to landscape understanding and social practices. Karin’s research interests also include the concept of sustainable development, the welfare state and energy end consumption as part of our social practices.

Both come from different academic backgrounds but what they have in common is their passion for wind energy.