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Student Services

Student Services can assist you with study-related matters on Campus. Read about what we can help with, where to find us and how you contact us.

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Study administrators

Find out which study administrators are responsible for which subject areas and their telephone numbers.

Adam Liljegren

Adam Liljegren
Energy technology/Wind power, Gender Studies, Quality technology and management
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8217

Carina Dahlström Carina Dahlström
Archaeology/Osteology, Art studies, Cultural/Architectural heritage, Literature studies/Rhetoric
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8238
Cecilia Howe Cecilia Howe
Ethnology, History, Teacher training, Computer game design
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8236
Josefina Ahlvin Josefina Ahlvin
English, Business studies, Scandinavian languages
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8235
Katarina Katarina Werner Hallgren
Biology/Environmental Science, Law, Software technology/Information Systems
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8238
Marie du Rietz Marie du Rietz
Teacher training
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8219

Contact Student Services

Student Services can be found in the reception, Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 16:30 Here, you can find help with just about anything pertaining to your studies: finding the right location; the day’s schedule; exam delivery; group room bookings; loading cards for printing; current activities; transcripts and more. If we cannot answer your questions, we will help you contact whomever has the answer. E-mail Student Services.

On Monday - Friday 14:30 - 15:30 our IT Support is also on site in reception.