Campus Gotland

Study and live in Visby

Visby boasts a history as rich as the town is beautiful. And Uppsala University - Campus Gotland is in the middle of it.

Study in Visby

In Visby you will find the student union Rindi, the Almedalen library and all the social amenities that make Visby so enjoyable for students.

There is a wide range of cultural and sporting activities, students can get help with starting up a business during their studies and there is no shortage of cafés all year round. Not to mention all the attractive study environments where you can sit and study in peace and quiet. An ideal place to accumulate knowledge, experiences and memories for life.

Gotland is also a creative place, characterised by nearness, dynamism and collaboration. Our students associate life here with flexibility, dedication and everything is just a little different – and magically so. 58,000 people live here all year round, but that figure changes drastically in the summer when several hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to and from Gotland for work or holidays…or studies!

With more than a thousand students in a World Heritage City of 25,000 inhabitants, Visby is a place where students take an active part in the everyday life of Gotland, which is reflected in the range of cafés and cultural and sports activities. Campus Gotland is located on the site of an old Viking entrance fairway to the port of Visby (modern day Almedalen). Today the area is a meeting place for ideas and people, and an intellectual breeding ground.

Current student at Campus Gotland?

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