Campus Gotland in brief

On Campus Gotland, education and research are carried out in the three disciplinary domains in eight of the university’s nine faculties and in about 20 departments.

Campus Gotland has approximately 2,200 full-time students, about 1,250 of whom are on-campus students; and around 200 employees, 150 of whom are researchers and teachers, as well as an administrative division with around 40 employees. Campus Gotland’s operations were evaluated in conjunction with the recurring review of research and were deemed to have high development potential to be innovative and groundbreaking in both research and education.

Campus Gotland is an integrated part of Uppsala University, where departments and faculties pursue education and research. At the same time, via its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the Visby World Heritage Site and the small-scale, multi and cross-disciplinary environment, Campus Gotland is a unique part of Uppsala University.

The development plan “Programme for Uppsala University - Campus Gotland 2017-2021” emphasises three important strategies for Campus Gotland:

  • Strengthen the conditions for multi and cross-disciplinary initiatives in research, education and administration.
  • Strengthen internationalisation: for example, more English-language programmes and courses; recruitment of international guest researchers; competence-enhancing initiatives, international conferences.
  • Promote regional collaboration.

A part of Uppsala University

Campus Gotland is a part of Uppsala University - oldest university in the Nordic countries and one of the world’s highest ranked universities. More about Uppsala University.


At Campus Gotland you can study subjects within the humanities, law, technology and sciences, social sciences, languages, game design and educational sciences. At present, 19 Bachelor-level programmes (first cycle), 11 Master’s-level programmes (second cycle), and about 300 standalone courses per academic year.

Study at Campus Gotland

sustainable development

Uppsala University has a legal responsibility to support sustainable development. Campus Gotland aims at contributing to this mission by developing research, education and collaboration in the field.

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