Invitation to 'Fagning' in Anga Hay Meadow

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Anga Hay Meadow
  • Organiser: Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)
  • Contact person: Karin Bengtsson
  • Temadag

Friday 26 April, we go to the Anga church meadow on the eastern part of Gotland to join in the traditional spring event 'fagning'.

Fagning means raking of old leaves and twigs in the hay meadow to facilitate the new growth of herbs and grasses = the hay to become!

The traditional management of a hay meadow is part of an old agricultural system without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and fossil driven machines. The hay meadows provided fodder to the small farm animals and i the continuous hay making have created an enormous and unique diversity of plants and animal, especially insects.

Nowadays, the meadow management is a special cultural tradition as well as an important part of nature conservation and promotion of biological diversity.

The students at Environmental Science and Ecology have had this mission for nearly 20 years and would love to share the experience with others.

The Meadow Comittee of Anga parish is organizing the event and treating us to lunch in the parish house/community centre, where they will serve the classic Gotland wild leek soup.

Very welcome to join!

Please register by 24 April to Karin Bengtsson. Departure 26/4 at 09:00, back at Campus at 16:00 the latest.

Road description Anga Hay Meadow - Uppsala University-Campus Gotland.