Mental Health Week 14 October

  • Date: –20:30
  • Location: Campus Gotland, Visby domkyrka samt online
  • Website
  • Organiser: Student Health Services, Student service, pharmacy, medicine and care,Fenix ungkulturhus
  • Contact person: Sofie Westberg
  • Temadag

Welcome to the Student Health Services' Mental Health Week: 11-15 October, 2021! This week is organised in connection with the annual international Mental Health Day, which is 10 October.

The Student Health Service wants you to feel good while you study. We also know that you may not always feel well and that life as a student can sometimes be challenging in many ways.


11:00–13:00 - Information and digital drop-in for questions regarding study stress
Where: Online via Zoom
Tips from study councelors to identify and reduce stress while studying – as well as techniques for self-help and finding incentive to seek help if needed. We give you as a student in the vocational programmes at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the masterprogrammes at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine the opportunity to ask questions during a digital drop-in.
Organiser: Ina Stuhlmann; Carina Carlsson Student service, pharmacy, medicine and care

12:15 – 12:45 - Lecture: Stress and Sustainable Student Life
Online via Zoom
Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload? Do you need tips for how to reduce or handle symptoms of stress? Join us to learn more about how stress affects us, how to prevent and manage it so as to create a sustainable and enjoyable student life!
Organiser: Student health services

16:30 – 18:00 - Trans separatist group
Rindi, Tage Cervins gata 1
Trans separatist group meeting for anyone who has trans experience, is gender non- conforming or are having thoughts regarding their gender identity. Together we'll hang out and talk about living outside the social gender norms and the pros and cons with being out in a small society such as Gotland.
Organiser:Fenix ungkulturhus

19:00 – 20:30 - Open rainbow cafe
Where: Rindi, Tage Cervins gata 1
Open Rainbow Cafe for everyone under the lgbtqia+ -umbrella and/or living outside the social norms for sexuality and gender identity. Together we'll hang out and talk about the pros and cons with being out in a small society such as Gotland.

Conversation leaders are Alex Lithander and Musse Ahlin from Fenix youth culture centre, accompanied by one of the representatives from Rindi student union. Here you can get information about the queer community on the island and at Rindi, how networking works in house with social activities, but also about your rights as students. Here you can get answers to questions about protection against discrimination and victimization during your time at campus Gotland. Welcome!
Organiser: Fenix ungkulturhus


Mental Health Week is organised to draw attention to the importance of mental health and well-being. During the week, lectures, workshops and activities are offered with the aim of informing, helping, inspiring and illuminating mental health and well-being. Some events take place in Visby, some in Uppsala and some online. Read more on Mental Health week at the Student Health Services' webpage.