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Contact information to some important functions is found on this page. The address to Campus Gotland.

Useful links and email addresses

Almedalen Library
Web: Almedalen Library web page
Email (general questions):
Email (university matters):

Ar Research Station
Web: Ar Research Station web page
Contact: Contact information to Ar

Cafeterias and restaurants
Maltfabriken lunch & catering - on the ground floor in building B
Café Foajé (info in Swedish) - inside the entrance of Almedalsbiblioteket (building E)

Gotland’s student union Rindi
Web: Rindi web page

University Departments on Campus Gotland
Web: Department of Game Design
Web: All Departments on Campus

IT support and Help desk on Campus
Web: IT Support pages
Telephone: +46498 - 10 8202

Staff on Campus Gotland
Web: Staff Catalogue

Press and media contacts
Press and media contact on Campus Gotland: Petra Lindberg
Web and social media editor: Dag Lanestedt
Web: Press and media contacts at Uppsala University

Reception on Campus
Web: Read about the reception
Tel.: +46498 - 10 82 00
Fax: +46498 - 10 84 95

Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland
Web: the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland
Email: contact information to the Adviser

Science Park Gotland
Web: Science Park Gotland

Web: SWEDESD web page

SOS Alarm: 112
Uppsala University’s Emergency number: +46 18 471 25 00 (24/7 service)
Chief security officer: contact information to the Chief security officer

Address to Campus Gotland

Visiting and delivery address: Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, SE-621 57 VISBY
Postal address: Campus Gotland, SE-621 67 VISBY

Tel.: +46 498 10 82 00 (Reception)
Fax: +46 498 10 84 95

Campus Gotland’s premises are open 24 hours a day for staff and students with a valid access card. Access cards are not needed weekdays 7.30–17.00 as the entrance doors are unlocked at these times (other times during summer).

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