Workshop series on education and sustainability at Campus Gotland

14 January 2020

Campus Gotland invites researchers, lecturers, and students to workshops on education and sustainability.

Researchers, lecturers, and students on Campus Gotland are invited to a series of workshops and discussions on how education can be organized differently to address sustainability challenges.

The workshop series will take place from 3 to 6 February 2020 and aim to build knowledge about how existing courses and programs may be developed to meet present and future sustainability challenges, map out existing competencies and capacities on campus, and also brainstorm what new courses and teaching methods may potentially contribute to Campus Gotland education.

During a total of six sessions over four days, participants will have the opportunity to explore a number of approaches to Education for Sustainable Development and discuss how these might be developed in the Gotland context.

The workshop series are organized by SWEDESD - Swedish International Center of Education for Sustainable Development, together with the Zennström Climate Change Leadership Initiative at Uppsala University.


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