New world ranking: Uppsala University in 81st place

16 September 2014

Uppsala University reinforces its position as one of the 100 best universities in the world. In the QS World University Rankings for 2014, Uppsala University can be found in 81st place.

QS World University Rankings, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, ranks over 700 universities across the world based on six different indicators which are weighted as follows:

  • Academic reputation (40%)
  • Employer reputation (10%)
  • Faculty–student ratio (20%)
  • Citations per faculty (20%)
  • Proportion of international students (5%)
  • Proportion of international faculty (5%)

MIT, Cambridge and Imperial College London are at the top of the list. Two Swedish universities are among the top 100 – Lund and Uppsala, placed 60th and 81st respectively.

This year, Uppsala has done well with regards to the indicators ‘Citations per faculty’ and ‘Academic reputation’. The University has also received slightly higher scores for ‘Proportion of international students’ and ‘Faculty–student ratio’.

QS World University Rankings 2014 also ranks specific scientific areas. Uppsala’s best placement is in life science and medicine, where the University is ranked 49th.

‘QS is one of the global rankings that we follow closely. We usually end up at around 80th place on this list, which is true this time around too. We try not to read too much into single ranking results, but we are pleased each time we get confirmation that Uppsala is among the hundred best universities in the world’, says Uppsala University’s Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.