Uppsala University a winner through the ages

16 February 2016

Uppsala University comes in at number eleven in a top 25 ranking of universities over 400 years old. The list was compiled by the Times Higher Education, THE, to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

The ranking itself is not new, as it is built on data from their latest ranking, which was presented in September 2015. This version concerns itself with seats of learning older than 400 years.

‘Although the ranking itself is not completely new, it emphasises a saying of ours, that we have a tradition of renewal. I think we have good reason to feel proud of ourselves’, Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson says.

Duncan Ross, data and analytics director at THE, comments that the list shows the origin of our modern university systems. As Shakespeare is celebrated all over the world during the anniversary year, the theories of his true identity and origin are numerous.

‘Therefore, we thought it would be fun to look at the universities that a more educated Shakespeare might have attended’, Duncan Ross said in a comment.

Oxford University, Cambridge University and Edinburgh University topped the list. Uppsala University, at position eleven, is the highest-ranking Nordic university, followed by Copenhagen University coming in at 12.

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