Celebration of Lucia in St. Nicolai ruin 13 December

12 December 2016

Students and staff are invited to the annual Christmas celebration in St. Nicolai Ruin. We will meet outside Rindi at 3.30 pm.

From Rindi we will be escorted by the Knight of Knowledge in a torchlight procession through the inner city of Visby to St. Nicolai Ruin.
At St. Nicolai Rindi's jester guild performs a sparkling fire show, there will be solemn Lucia songs by Campus Gotland's Chamber Choir and Rindi's Choir. Thereafter, coffee and saffron buns will be served (Fika).
If you cannot join us, you, and perhaps your family and friends, can follow the celebration on Periscope. Check Campus Gotland's Facebook page for more information.
No registration is required, but please state in this Facebook event that you will join the procession!