Admitted international Master’s students up by one third

21 April 2017

The numbers are in from the second selection round for international Master’s programmes, showing that 32 per cent more students have been admitted to Uppsala University for the autumn semester 2017 than for the previous year.

For the autumn semester 2016, 1,270 students were admitted. Now that number is 1,682. 1,047 of the admitted students are from countries outside the EU/EES and Switzerland, who themselves must pay for their education through tuition fees – an increase of 53 per cent compared to the 686 fee-paying students last year.

What has caused this big increase?

“There are several different reasons for this, but mainly it is because we have pushed harder in our initial marketing. We also have new business programmes that give a few more applicants,” says Joachim Ekström, Project Manager for international student recruitment at Uppsala University.

Notifications of selection results have been sent out to students during the course of the day.

Here are the five Master’s programmes with the most admitted international students:

  1. Master Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation (112 admitted, 81 fee-paying)
  2. Master Programme in Sustainable Development (105 admitted, 62 fee-paying)
  3. Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production (81 admitted, 73 fee-paying)
  4. Master Programme in Computer Science – Computer science (60 admitted, 47 fee-paying)
  5. Master Programme in Embedded Systems (51 admitted, 39 fee-paying)