Advisory Board, Adviser and a administrative support are responsible for operations at Campus Gotland.

Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland

The various Advisers to the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University have a strategic role conferred on them by the Vice-Chancellor as well as an operative and coordinating role conferred by heads of departments or other administrators at Uppsala University. The task of the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland is to develop, coordinate, make visible and promote the activities of Campus Gotland.

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Advisory Board for Campus Gotland

The Board is an advisory body to the Vice-Chancellor on activities at Campus Gotland. The Board has the task of assisting the disciplinary domains and faculties in developing and coordinating activities at Campus Gotland. In addition, the Board supports the University in its overall collaboration with the community.

The Advisory Board comprises the following members (2021-01-01 - 2023-12-31):

In addition to the above, the Advisory Board has three student representatives as well as representatives of the University's staff organisations (with the right to attend and speak at meetings).

Administrative support at Campus Gotland

Administrative support at Campus Gotland is tended by several divisions of the University adminstration, for example by the Division of common service and administration – a department which in turn consists of two units: the Unit of Services - Uppsala; and the Unit of Services - Campus Gotland.

The Unit of Services - Campus Gotland is tasked with responsibility for campus management issues, as well as archives and registry at Campus Gotland; undertaking university-wide tasks in study administration, admissions, degrees, Ladok, study counselling, internationalisation and student health; providing support to the advisers to the vice-chancellor; handling safety issues and initiating, coordinating and implementing work environment measures at Campus Gotland. Tord Berglund-Fred is head of the unit.

There is also a support function directly under the head of the division (see below), which providesMalin Dahlén administrative support for the advisers to the vice-chancellor, the departments with operations on Campus Gotland and for the Division of Common Service and Administration, and takes on tasks regarding university-wide information about issues pertaining to finances, staff, communication and reports.

Malin Dahlén is head of Division of Common Service and Administration.

Last modified: 2021-06-10