Buildings on Campus

Campus Gotland currently has premises that consist of a rented premises area of approximately 14,000 square metres. Campus consists of seven buildings all of which are gathered at Visby Harbour.

Campus Gotland also rents the research station Ar, which is located in northern Gotland, in Fleringe parish.

Uppsala Akademiförvaltning is the landlord for the premises in buildings A, B, C, D and E. Region Gotland is the landlord for the premises in building F and for the research station Ar.

A building

The A building (Tändsticksfabriken) contains workplaces and meeting rooms for staff.

B building

The B building (Maltfabriken), the main building on Campus, contains both education facilities and workplace for staff. The A and B buildings have a combined premises area of 5,300 m2.

Layouts and pictures of premises in the B building

C building

The C building (Kasernen) mainly contains workplaces for staff, but also some education facilities and a laboratory, mainly for the Bachelor Programme in Objects Conservation and the Bachelor Programme in Environmental Science.

250 square metres of the C building (floor 3) has been rented by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), since 1 March 2008. C building premises area: 2,250 m2.

Layout and pictures of premises in the C building

D building

The D building (Betty Pettersson building) contains classrooms and workplaces for staff at the Division of common service and administration, i.e. the administrative support at Campus Gotland. Science Park Gotland has its premises on the ground floor in the building. The D building has a premises area of 1,694 m2.

Layouts and pictures of premises in the D building

E building

The E building, which was brought into use in 2001, contains both the Almedal Library and educational premises for Campus Gotland. The educational facilities have a premises area of 1,400 m2 and the library has a premises area of 4,000 m2.

Layouts and pictures of premises in the E building

F building

The F building (Björkanderska) contains teaching premises, special premises and workplaces for staff. Department of Game Design currently occupies the F building. The building has a premises area of 1,100 m2.

On floor 2, there are also four rooms/apartments that can be booked and used by employees at Uppsala University in connection with business travel to Campus Gotland. More information on the apartments in the F building.

Layouts and pictures of premises in the F building

DNA laboratory DBW

The DNA laboratory DBW is a molecular laboratory adapted for genetic research on archaeological human and animal materials. The laboratory is used for higher studies and research.

Questions regarding the lab, which is organisationally under the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, can be asked of Magdalena Fraser.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire: SAVE - WARN - ALERT - EXTINGUISH - EVACUATE

SAVE: - people who are in danger
WARN: others who are in danger
ALERT - Call 112 and warn other people
EXTINGUISH: extinguish the fire
EVACUATE - through the closest exit (or emergency exit if necessary)

Read more about fire safety on Campus Gotland.

Contacts for premises bookings

If you work at Uppsala University and want to book premises

Contact Premises Booking at or call +46498 10 8200.

If you are an external party and want to rent premises on Campus Gotland

If you are an external party and want to rent premises on Campus Gotland, contact our visitor coordinator Christina Wessman-Engberg.

Fault reports – premises

To make a fault report regarding premises, contact the Office Services Unit (Vaktmästeriet) at Campus Gotland or call +4649810 8213.