Uppsala transdisciplinära seminarium i lärande och hållbar utveckling (TRUST)

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Video - conference room E48 , Campus Gotland 12:228
  • Lecturer: Keri Facer, James Ayers
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  • Organiser: Swedesd
  • Contact person: Paula Routier
  • Seminarium

Towards curriculum and pedagogy for uncertain times - A dialogue.

In this seminar, Keri Facer and James Ayers (chair) will discuss what a curriculum that is adequate to living in current times might look like and share some experiences related to sustainability leadership and education.

The seminar will start with a short presentation by Keri, outlining some components of such a possible curriculum. This will be followed by presentation in which James will introduce some of his experiences related to sustainability leadership and education. Then Keri and James will engage in a dialogue on key questions, before welcoming questions and comments from the floor. 

Keri Facer is Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol, School of Education and she is currently the Zennström Professor of Climate Change Leadership at Uppsala University. She works on rethinking the relationship between formal educational institutions and wider society and is particularly concerned with the sorts of knowledge that may be needed to address contemporary environmental, economic, social and technological changes.

James Ayers is a PhD student in education for sustainable development constructing learning environments and pedagogy for complexity and wicked problems – creating leaders able to act in uncertainty. He holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Diploma of Journalism and is an Alumni of the Master’s of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability program in which he now facilitates and teaches.

Some papers and tools related to the topic of the seminar: 

Building Agency in the Face of Uncertainty - A thinking tool for educators and education leaders 

The University as Engine for Anticipation: Stewardship, Modelling, Experimentation, and Critique in Public

Storytelling in troubled times: what is the role for educators in the deep crises of the 21st century?