Sustainability Talks with Keri Facer - Learning to live with a lively planet (2)

  • Date: –16:30
  • Location: Campus Gotland Maltfabriken, Campus Gotland Restaurant
  • Lecturer: Keri Facer, Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol, School of Education; Visiting Zennström Professor of Climate Change Leadership at Uppsala University
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  • Organiser: Campus Gotland
  • Contact person: Susanna Barrineau
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‘Learning to live with a lively planet (2) What does climate change mean for intergenerational relations on Gotland?’

In this talk, Keri Facer will recap the main points of her inaugural lecture at Uppsala University in September and then take a deeper dive into the implications of a changing climate for the relationships between different generations. She will discuss some of the current discourse around intergenerational conflicts and unpick the implications of this for educational practice and societal sustainability transitions. Just how much should adults and teachers ‘step back and get out of the way’ (Harrison Ford, talking about Greta Thunberg) and how much should we be stepping up – and what might that look like?

This seminar is part of the Open Conversations Workshop Series at Campus Gotland 3-6 February.

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Last modified: 2021-02-18