Webinar: Island and Seascape Research Cluster

The island and seascape research cluster is proud to welcome you all to this webinar, with four guest speakers who will share their knowledge and perspectives on sustainable tourism and cultural heritage in island contexts.

Theme: Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Context

They will share with us their perspectives and reflections on the history and development of Island studies, its centers and peripheries, and current frontlines and debates.

Welcome to the webinar via Zoom.

For the Zoom link, please contact the administrator of the group: aimee.miles@arkeologi.uu.se.

P R O G R A M M E:

13:00-13:10 Helene Martinsson-Wallin & Ulrika Persson-Fischier:  Introduction

13:10-13:35 Jane Downes: A perfect storm? The impacts of climate change and tourism on archaeological heritage in small island

13:35-14:00 Julie Gibson: Beware what you wish for – A cautionary tale of over-tourism in the heart of Neolithic Orkney world heritage site

14:00-14:15 Marije Poort: Sustainable Destination Development. The Baltic and Pacific

14:15-14:30: Break

14:30-15:00 Hin Heemstra: Arctic cruise communities: Staying with the trouble for sustainability

15:00-15:30 Þórný Barðadóttir: Coastline, communities and cruise visits

15:30-15:45 Helene Martinsson-Wallin: The Tjelvar Project

After each presentation there will be time for comments and questions.

T H E  P R E S E N T E R S

Þórný Barðadóttir is a researcher at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre. Since early 2017 Þórný has been directing her research focus on the on-land service of cruise ships and the local tourism brought in by cruise visits. Her research has also focused on the different procedures and roles of stakeholders of on-land cruise service and investigation on lines of communication and decision making in the Icelandic cruise sector. Þórný holds a BA in Media Science, MA in Research Intensive Social Science and in her PhD research in Tourism Studies she is focusing on tourism development and mobilities in rural areas.

Jane Downes is Professor of Archaeology and Heritage and Director of the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, based at Orkney College UHI. During her time with UHI she has established archaeology as a significant mode of sustainable development in Orkney and has founded the UHI Archaeology Institute as a centre of research excellence and a community of practice. She studies the role of cultural heritage in sustainable development in small islands and undertakes research currently in the Scottish islands and in the south Pacific. 

Julie Gibson has been the Islands Archaeologist for Orkney, Scotland, for 25 years, employed by Orkney Islands Council. She has been promoting archaeology as a niche opportunity for sustainable development, encouraging archaeological research as a development tool for the islands' communities.  Ironically, as Orkney is best known for its well-preserved archaeology, Julie has been working in the islands' maritime landscapes, documenting and advocating for the heritage values of our sea-damaged sites. 

Hin Heemstra is an associate professor at the Nord University Business school. She is currently the project leader of the international research project Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities: from practice to governance (2020-2023). Hin has academic interest and expertise in tourism innovation studies, animal ethics in tourism, sustainability, community development and entrepreneurship. She has a background as consultant and coordinator in sustainable development projects in the Netherlands. In 2010, Hin moved to Norway to do a PhD on innovation in experience based tourism.


Helene Martinsson-Wallin
Professor, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History helene.martinsson-wallin@arkeologi.uu.se

Ulrika Persson-Fischier
PhD, Dept. of Civil and Industrial Engineering ulrika.persson-fischier@angstrom.uu.se


Aimee Miles
Doctoral Student in Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History aimee.miles@arkeologi.uu.se

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