BUP Symposium 2021

The Baltic University Programme organises an online symposium highlighting sustainability research within a Baltic Sea Region context.

The online BUP Symposium 2021 will highlight sustainability research within a Baltic Sea Region context. Attending the symposium as a listener is open for all. Colleagues are invited to share their research in oral presentations and posters. The symposium is an arena where to start off discussions and collaborations. We will offer networking possibilities as an important aim of the symposium is to act as a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and get to know each other better as colleagues. 

Colleagues who want to present their research need to submit an abstract before 22 May 2021.

Registration for listeners opens in August 2021.

Both presenting and listening are free of charge.


Uppsala University hosts the coordinating secretariat of The Baltic University Programme (BUP). The Programme currently has 93 Participating Universities, situated in the Baltic Sea Region. The BUP is around since the early 1990s, actively working for sustainable development and democracy in the Baltic Sea Region. 

Last modified: 2021-02-18