Nutrient transfer from land to sea - a LOVA project on Gotland

In collaboration with Uppsala University Campus Gotland and Region Gotland, the County Administrative Board of Gotland is launching its own project within the framework of the LOVA programme for funding local water improvement projects. The aim of the project is to study the pros and cons of various measures being implemented in agriculture to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea. The new project will test measurement technology based on a LoRaWAN wireless network. This technology can be located in various environments to take measurements over a long period of time, making it suitable for mapping the transport of nutrients. It is hoped that, with the help of this wireless network, it will be possible to develop a more efficient method for taking measurements, making it easier to monitor nutrients and metals leaching into watercourses on land and into marine environments.

The project will be conducted in a regional collaboration together with farmers and interest groups. By collaborating with the agricultural sector and making clear the link between land and sea, it is hoped to create greater consensus and improve the conditions for allocating the right resources in the right context to stop nutrients leaching into the Baltic Sea.

Period: 2021-2023
Project manager: Karin Fager, Gotland County Administrative Board
Project leader:  Markus Grünerwald, Green Forest Advisors
Partners: Roger Lundberg, farmer/landowner

Contact: Gunilla Rosenqvist, Blue Centre Gotland

About LOVA

Through the LOVA programme, county administrative boards distribute central government funds to projects to improve and protect aquatic environments in collaboration with local and regional stakeholders. County administrative boards can also allocate LOVA funds to their own projects.

Last modified: 2022-02-07