Searching for Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Journey

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  • Plats: Online B23, E31, online
  • Föreläsare: Maria Ojala, docent i psykologi, universitetslektor, Örebro Universitet
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  • Arrangör: Uppsala universitet Campus Gotland, Swedesd
  • Kontaktperson: Susanna Barrineau
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Uppsala universitet Campus Gotland bjuder in nya studenter och lärare vid program i hållbar utveckling (se nedan) till en två dagars introduktion med fokus på hållbarhet. Föreläsning och seminarier varvas med filmkväll och knytis. För de som inte kan eller vill delta på plats kommer delar av eventet ske digitalt med möjlighet att delta på distans.

‘Tonight the Earth will be a little hotter, its waters more acidic, and the fabric of life more threadbare...It is worth noting that this is not the work of ignorant people.’ -David Orr 

These introductory days aim at creating a space to meet across disciplinary boundaries in tackling the wicked sustainability challenges facing us today. Wicked challenges are ones that do not have solutions that are right or wrong, and are inherently complex; climate change is one example. Facts and knowledge about social, environmental, and economic issues are necessary and important, but perhaps even more important are the competencies and relationships we as learners develop that may support our responses to sustainability challenges. As students and learners, therefore, we need opportunities to talk about what we are learning and forums for exchange between the different programmes we are all studying.

Searching for Sustainability aims to create a meeting space for students and teachers partaking in the various sustainability programmes on Campus Gotland, which establishes a basis for collaborative, creative, and critical learning. It is about starting a process which you will continue throughout your studies.

Programmes involved:

• Bachelor's Programme in Energy Transition - Sustainability and Leadership 2020/2021
• Cultural Heritage and Sustainability - Master's Programme in the Humanities 2020/2021
• Master's Programme in Sustainable Destination Development 2020/2021
• Master's Programme in Sustainable Management 2020/2021
• Master's Programme in Wind Power Project Management 2020/2021

Register your participation through this link by noon (CET time) on the 4th of September.

Searching for Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Journey


Day 1 September 9, 2020
09:00-12:00 Room: B23
Common introduction, led by Sanna Barrineau, SWEDESD.
Lecture by Professor Maria Ojala from Örebro University, "Climate change psychology – facing difficult emotions in relation to complex sustainability problems”. Join session via link provided in email. Recorded session will be sent via email after the lecture.

Prepare for seminar on Day 2 (see email for instructions)

17:30 Room E31
Film screening, co-hosted by GHOST (Gotland Hub of Sustainable Thinkers) and SWEDESD. Film “Tomorrow".

Day 2 September 10, 2020

Preparation for group sessions. (see email for instructions).

Seminar in groups on Zoom (you will receive your group divisions via email).

17:00 - onwards Visby Beach Boardwalk
Social gathering at the BBQ spot. Bring own food!

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