New development plan for Campus Gotland

20 september 2017

The Board of Uppsala University has approved a five-year development plan for Campus Gotland, which clarifies the aims and focus of activities there.

The programme for Campus Gotland, which will run from 2017 to 2021, supplements the University’s overall Mission and Core Values. The University’s ambition is to provide a complete academic environment at Campus Gotland, with education and research integrated in the mother university’s disciplinary domains, faculties and departments.

“We have great ambitions for Campus Gotland, in research, education and collaboration,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson. “Moreover, Campus Gotland offers particularly favourable conditions for a concentrated focus on sustainable development.”

Campus Gotland also presents good opportunities to take education and research in new and untested directions, and to try out new modes of working. The goals that are explicitly stated include increasing the number of on-campus students, teachers, researchers, doctoral students and visiting researchers. A goal is set of at least 1,500 on-campus students by 2021.

The programme underlines three important strategies for Campus Gotland:

  • To strengthen the conditions for multi- and cross-disciplinary initiatives in research, education and administration
  • To enhance internationalisation, for example by offering more programmes and courses in English, recruiting international visiting researchers, skills enhancement measures and international conferences
  • To promote regional collaboration