The University does not accept harassment

27 november 2017

On Friday 24 November, women researchers published a protest against sexual harassment in academia, under the hashtag #akademiuppropet. There must be no harassment or other discrimination, of any kind, at Uppsala University.

On Friday 24 November, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published #akademiuppropet (in Swedish), a protest by women researchers against sexual harassment in academia.

At Uppsala University, we have zero tolerance for degrading treatment, harassment and discrimination. Equal treatment, gender equality and respectful behaviour are important goals in all our activities. The University welcomes the fact that stories of harassment and degrading treatment of various kinds are emerging and being reported.  The Vice-Chancellor and university management, together with all vice-chancellors and university managements in Sweden, endorse the statement by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (in Swedish).

Students and staff can turn to the University’s equal opportunities specialists for support and information about how the University deals with harassment issues. More information is available in the University’s guidelines.

Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson also reiterates in the Vice-Chancellor’s Blog that there must be no harassment at the University.