Examinations at Campus Gotland


Here is all you need to know about examinations at Campus Gotland. Contact our Examinations Officer if you have any questions.

An examination, which is also called an exam, is an oral or written test taken upon completion of a course or a particular course component. If you fail an exam, i.e. if you do not pass, you may try again by sitting a retake examination at a later date.

Some shortcuts:

Registration for examinations and retake examinations

You must always register for an examination – both regular examinations and retake examinations. Registration takes place through the Student Portal. Late registration at the examination hall or study administration office is not possible. All written exams are taken anonymously at Uppsala University; i.e., you will use a code instead of your name/personal identification number when taking an examination. To receive this code you must announce yourself for the examination/retake examination through the Student Portal. If you have any questions regarding examination registration, please contact the Study administration.

If you are late to the examination

Arrive at the hall early! If you arrive late, after the test tasks have been passed out, you must wait outside of the hall for 25 minutes before the exam invigilator will allow you to enter. You will not be given extra time. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the established start time, you may not take the test.

Unregistering from examinations and retake examinations

It is important to unregister from an examination (through the Student Portal) if you cannot take the test. To avoid incurring the costs of invigilators, materials and halls, you must unregister no later than the registration deadline.

Disabilities/special needs

If you have a disability and require additional support for the examination, contact Sofie Westberg, coordinator for students with disabilities. You must submit your request for an exam accommodation two weeks before the exam to the examination administrator each time you plan to sit an exam.

Collection of exams

Collect completed exams at the reception desk on floor 1. If you have taken the exam anonymously, then in addition to your identification, you must also provide your code number when collecting your exam. When the examination is handed over, you must be able to show valid identification and sign your receipt. Note that grades may not be appealed. However, grades may be reviewed, and picking up the original examination will make it harder to review a test. A copy of the examination can be provided on request.


  • That you must register for all examinations.
  • That you may only take examinations for courses in which you are registered.
  • That you must arrive at the exam location no later than 15 minutes before the exam.
  • That you must present valid identification to the exam invigilator.
  • That Permitted aids at examinations are determined by each course coordinator.
  • That Food/beverages are permitted unless otherwise stated. All kinds of nuts are prohibited due to allergy risks.
  • That you don't forget to bring your anonymity code.

Finishing a discontinued course

When a course is cancelled, opportunities to write a finishing exam is given. For courses that have been discontinued or have undergone major changes, three opportunities to take an examination during a time period that extend over three semesters is offered. Find out more about finishing discontinued courses at Campus Gotland

Contact our examinations officer

If you have any questions regarding examinations, please contact Sara Cederlund, examinations officer at Campus Gotland.