Reception at Campus Gotland

The reception is the hub of Campus Gotland in many ways, and it is also the first thing you will encounter upon stepping through the main entrance on Cramérgatan.

In addition to the reception staff, you will find Student Services and IT Support at the reception.

Some shortcuts:

The Campus card

When you are student at Campus Gotland you need to obtain an access card. You will need it in order to use printers (for photocopying/printing) or our computer room or if you wish to enter Campus Gotland outside office hours.

Read about the Campus card

Lost and found

Many lost items are handed in at the reception. Clothes and other items will remain at campus for up to two months and is thereafter handed to charity.

Valuables are kept behind the reception counter and after about 14 days they are handed to the police.

Bank cards are cut in half and sent to the bank according to the information on the back of the card.


The reception also sells profile products from Uppsala University and office stationary such as notebooks and pens.

Beside the reception there is a TV monitor that shows the schedule for the day’s classes on Campus Gotland.

You can also find today’s schedule on Campus here.

Via TimeEdit you can also consult the online schedule for your course.

Storage lockers

Behind reception there are storage lockers that you can use during daytime. It’s first come, first serve and don’t forget to bring your own padlock. And remember to empty your locker at the end of the day.