Study administration at Campus Gotland

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The study administration - a part of student services

Student services at Campus Gotland consist of all the support and service you can get outside the actual course/programme you are studying at. For example, it could be the study counselling service, the IT support, the language workshop, the student health service, or the library. In many ways, the Study administration is the hub of the student services. You will find us at the following locations at campus and at the following hours:

Second floor in the D building

Here we can usually help you with course specific questions, for example:

  • registration matters;
  • academic leave;
  • information about degree;
  • transferring of credits.

The Study Administration is open Monday–Friday, 13:00-14:30.

If you prefer to speak with us via phone or Zoom, you are more than welcome to book an appointment! Send us an email (link to email address). Please let us know how you wish to be contacted (Zoom or phone). Please also state which subject/program you're studying and also give us a short description on what you want to contact us about.

The reception (inside the main entrance)

Here you can find help with just about anything pertaining to your studies:

  • finding the right location;
  • today’s schedule;
  • exam delivery;
  • group room bookings;
  • loading Campus cards for printing;
  • view and buy official merchandise;
  • order transcripts of records;
  • pick up your ordered Campus card;
  • IT support (Monday - Friday between 14:30–15:30).

Monday - Friday (except public holidays and bridging days): 08:00–16:30.

Our study administrators

Find out which study administrator are responsible for which subject area:

Carina Dahlström Carina Dahlström (phone +46-498 108234): Archaeology/Osteology, Art studies, Cultural/Architectural heritage
Cecilia Howe Cecilia Howe (phone +46-498 108236): Ethnology, Teacher training, Game design
Josefina Ahlvin Josefina Ahlvin (phone +46-498 108235): Business studies, Software Engineering, Statistics
Katarina Katarina Werner Hallgren: (phone +46-498 108238): Care science, Game design, Quality technology/Management, Sustainable destination development, Basic Swedish
Maria Petersén Enström Maria Petersén Enström (phone +46-498 108226): Business studies, Statistics, Law, Social work
Marie du Rietz Marie du Rietz (phone +46-498 108219): English, Geograpy, Teacher training, Software Engineering
Sara Cederlund Sara Cederlund (phone +46-498 108242): schedules and examination
Ylva Anderberg Ylva Anderberg (phone +46-498 108241): Energy Technology (Windpower), Sustainable development, Biology/Environmental Science

Apply for a degree

After you have completed your studies you should apply for a degree. With a degree qualification from Uppsala University you will be well-equipped for professional life on the Swedish and international arena. Read more about how to apply for your degree.

Last modified: 2021-10-07