ESD Learning Lab

The ESD Learning Lab is a three-year initiative at Campus Gotland to contribute to overcome challenges of inter-and transdisciplinary learning and encourage collaboration and joint exploration of alternative problem-solving. While doing so, we create knowledge about learning and its facilitation in transdisciplinary educational surroundings in relation to sustainability.

Searching for Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Journey

Students at various sustainability programmes at Campus Gotland are invited to the introduction days Searching for Sustainability to reflect on the role of education and learning in relation to sustainable development. This is a space for interdisciplinary team work and critical conversation between students and teachers from different backgrounds.

News item on Introduction week 2019

Program Searching for Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Journey, 9-11 September 2020

Contact Susanna Barrineau

Sustainability challenges are wicked

Most of us wants to live a good life. At the same time, the common resources on the planet must be equally shared and managed in a sustainable way. The challenges that arise are many times complex and difficult in areas such as climate, equity and biodiversity. Researchers refer to this kind of issues as wicked problems characterized by their lack of clear and obvious solutions that are true-or false, but good-or-bad. Wicked problems are interrelated, interdependent and can be explained in many ways.

Wicked problems needs
  • new approaches
  • different perspectives
  • creative ideas
  • system and future thinking

Professional development for lecturers

The Sustainability Starts with Education Course aims to support lecturers at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, to further develop and integrate Education for Sustainable Development into their teaching and learning practices. Through participatory workshops, course participants will be introduced to learning theories and teaching traditions, skills and sustainability key competences and pedagogical and didactic tools for teaching and learning.

Sustainability Starts with Education is a 5 parts course and will be given 1 time each semester.

Shepherd Urenje

Workshops 2021

During spring, the ESD Learning Lab is inviting lecturers, researchers and PhD-students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland to one or two workshops to explore collaboration and co-creation with focus on education for sustainable development and research. More information about the events is presented in the Calendar:

22 April 2021
Collaboration beyond the buzzword
Deadline for registration: 20 April

11 May 2021
Exploring co-creation through storytelling
Deadline for registration: 10 May (prolonged)

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